Vintage French Jam Jars




Add a spoonful of French country charm to your kitchen with Chateau Michele’s collection of vintage jam jars, each with its own story and rustic appeal. Perfect for everything from displaying silverware to organizing bits and bobs, these jars infuse your home with a taste of France's rich culinary past.

  • Many of the jars are marked 500 or Made in France
  • We'll pick a pretty one for you

History of Jam Jars:

French jam jars, or "pots de confiture," have been a staple in the country's culinary tradition since sugar became accessible in the Middle Ages. Once a luxury for the upper class, the art of preserving jams spread to homes across France in the 18th and 19th centuries. These charming glass jars, designed for small homemade batches and sealed with wax, now symbolize France's rich gastronomic history and continue to be a beloved part of kitchen culture.