Meet your curator

Michele Beckwith

At the heart of Chateau Michele is a story of transformation, passion, and the pursuit of beauty—a narrative deeply intertwined with the Michele's life, an award-winning fine art photographer, and a deep appreciation for European art and antiques.

Michele's journey began with a childhood filled with the love of photography and weekends treasure hunting at flea markets, a hint of the destiny that would later unfold. Her early career, marked by serving tea and scones in an antique shop, now seems a whimsical prelude to her marriage to an Englishman and her deep-seated love for European aesthetics.

Her path took a pivotal turn during college. While Michele initially pursued a career in nursing, her soul yearned for a creative outlet, leading her back to explore her childhood love of photography. This decision catapulted her into a highly successful photography career.

For 15 years Michele thoughtfully captured hundreds of events and families. Her work was featured in numerous prestigious publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides magazine.

Yet, at 30, Michele's artistic spirit sought further growth, leading her to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There she honed her skills in color theory, storytelling, and film photography, refining her signature romantic and dreamy style.

Fate intervened once more in 2020, as the world paused, and Michele's creative journey took a new direction towards interior design and home renovations. This pivot was not just a change in career, but a continuation of her lifelong passion for storytelling, now through the canvas of home decor. It was exactly what her heart had been searching for.

Relocating to Austin, Texas, Michele embarked on renovating her dream home into a French country-style chateau, a testament to her commitment to beauty, sustainability, and inclusion of authentic European fixtures and antiques.

Her success in this endeavor, marked by creating an award-winning kitchen design, only further solidified her transition from photographer to curator and stylist.

Michele's quest for unique treasures led her on numerous trips to Round Top, where she delved deep into the world of antiques, directly sourcing from esteemed Europeans importers. These explorations not only enriched her understanding of English, French, and Italian antique history, but also wove a tapestry of friendships with the dealers themselves.

It was through these meaningful exchanges and shared passions that Michele found the inspiration to transition her long time dream into reality. Opening a shop stands as a testament to her love for design and telling the stories embedded within each piece.

Her vision for Chateau Michele is not just about selling antiques and vintage art, but about helping others create homes that reflect their stories, their dreams, and the joy of living.

Michele's design philosophy mirrors her photographic style: timeless, with a neutral base accented by soft earth tones, and a love for natural materials that age gracefully. Her signature look integrates antiques, vintage art, and collections of worn objects amongst modern living conveniences. Not only does this keep the home from ever looking dated, it tells a unique story about the people who live in the space.

Joie de Vivre

Chateau Michele is more than a shop; it's a window into Michele's world, where every piece is curated with a story in mind, every space is a vignette of beauty, and every customer is invited to embark on their own journey of creating a dream home. Michele's personal touch—her refined eye for beauty honed through years of photography and styling, and her commitment to elevating everyday life through aesthetic choices—guides the selection of each item in the shop.

As Michele rearranges her family's living spaces to create beauty in every corner and finds joy in the daily tasks of motherhood, she extends an invitation to you: to explore the timeless allure of European decor, to find beauty in the patina of life, and to weave your own stories into the spaces you inhabit.

Romanticize Your Life

Chateau Michele is not just a destination for exquisite home decor; it's a journey towards creating a space that tells your unique story, guided by Michele's expertise and passion. Welcome to Chateau Michele, where your dream home becomes a reality, one exquisite piece at a time.