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From our curated collection to your walls. Find art that speaks to you in a variety of sizes and colors with our new printshop collection of vintage found art.


Discover the joy of creating a space where every detail tells a story of beauty, love and dreams. We source thoughtfully curated objects and essentials for your home, so you can live your most beautiful life.

Le Grand Opening

The French Printshop

Michele's passion for art, particularly the soft brushstrokes and colors of Impressionist style artworks, sparked the creation of The French Printshop by Chateau Michele. Her admiration for these pieces was so strong that parting with them felt like losing a part of herself, yet she understood that owning original art pieces, often costing hundreds or even thousands, was not feasible for everyone.

Now, through The French Printshop, Michele has made it possible for all to enjoy the beauty of these exquisite works of art, allowing them to be framed in a way that complements the style of any home. The originals, sourced directly from the heartlands of fine art—France, England, Italy, and Belgium—ensure that the spirit of these masterpieces is preserved, making fine art accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Your home is your masterpiece.
Create yours with Chateau Michele.

Begin Your Collector's Journey

Step into the romantic world of art collecting with our colleciton of original works. With each painting thoughtfully placed in cozy nooks, you not only add layers of depth and charm, but also embark on a journey as an art collector, transforming ordinary spaces into galleries of beauty.

Curating Beauty: From Photography to Provence at Chateau Michele

Embark on Michele's unique journey from nursing to the world of photography, and finally, to her role as a curator of classic elegance.

With her fine art expertise and a discerning eye for beauty, Michele is the ideal mentor to lead you in refining your home's style.

Venture into the realm of Chateau Michele and uncover insights on maintaining a home that never loses its charm.