Vintage French Ceramic Roman Dish


This fun little piece comes from the South of France. We love its creamy tones and soft ceramic coliseum shape. This fine piece of pottery would look lovely styled on a coffee table, it's the perfect shape to hold your petite apple tv remote.

  • 4.25 in x 6 in
  • Unglazed Ceramic
  • Found in France

About Pichon Uzes Pottery:

Pichon Uzès pottery originates from the Uzès region in the South of France and boasts a significant legacy in ceramic craft. The Pichon family began their pottery tradition in 1802, and the craft has been passed down through generations. Uzès pottery is known for its unique glazes and the distinctive "Pichon blue" color, along with intricate patterns and designs that often feature the region's natural motifs.

The Pichon workshop became particularly renowned for its vibrant, ornate pieces that encapsulate the vivid colors and artistry of the Provence area. Traditional Uzès pottery includes a wide range of items, from functional kitchenware to decorative tiles and garden pottery, each piece handcrafted and often adorned with intricate patterns or regional emblems, reflecting the rustic charm and artistic heritage of the South of France.

This heritage craft is celebrated for its commitment to traditional methods, and Pichon Uzès pieces are sought after for their quality and artistic value, often collected as heirlooms. The pottery workshop continues to operate, preserving the time-honored techniques and artistry that define Pichon Uzès pottery's storied history.